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For more than 15 years, Lifetime Vineyard Church has reached out to the town of Adoor and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Beginning with college students and eventually reaching all ages, we have seen the work of God in the lives of many people.

Thank you for being part of this work God has been doing. Some of you were actively involved in the ministry of this church, and others have benefited much from your ministry. Many others have prayed for us as we spent the last 17 years on this important task. The work continues to reach young people and families here in Adoor and beyond. To renew memories, please view the photo gallery below.

It was about 9 years ago that we purchased property to construct a church building, for which many of you have generously helped. After all these years, only now we were able to get the permission to construct on the property. There was severe opposition, and some opposition continues to exist. We have begun the work, and we estimate Rs.60 Lakhs for the construction. Our hope is to begin worship there by December 2014.

Here are three things that I ask you to do:

  1.    Pray for the construction.
  2.    Share this need with your friends
  3.    Give generously using the account details below.

Our Building Fund details:

Lifetime Vineyard Building Fund, Federal Bank, branch: Manakala  169501 0000 6475 (IFS Code FDRL 0001695)

***For other payment options, contact Alexi George


Keep checking back on this page to see updates on the construction…

Click here for a video message about the construction.


2 thoughts on “Construction

  1. So excited to see the pictures.. May God continue to do His work till the completion.

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